Short and Sweet…

Dear Reader,

I’m feeling very reflective and just had a need to get it out, put it on paper, and in a place where I could remember. But I’m sure you know this feeling, too and you understand the impulse. This morning, I put a call out to some friends today to help me with a creative writing project in the year(s) to come and received a lot of awesome responses & support. This evening I attended my final TEDxABQ coaching session and feel good about where I’m at preparing for it. And tonight, someone dear to my heart thanked me for something that I’d given her that was bigger than I could have imagined. The Creator works in beautiful and mysterious ways… who would’ve thought that one choice, one decision to go somewhere would bring so many beautiful people into my life and that one person’s short time on earth made such a huge influence, one that continues to make little ripples that slowly and sometimes swiftly bring me to people I need, to the ones who may even need me. Tonight, it all feels “right” in a way I’ve only felt once before in my life. I have faith, everything that’s in my heart will work out as it’s meant to. I have faith that everything that’s in your heart will work out as it’s meant to, too. Thank you for your continuous support on the journey.

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