Shedding off former selves…

Dear Reader,

Every morning I dance, I sing or hum to myself in the shower, and when getting ready I listen to my “Walking on Sunshine” playlist. This year has been about so much reflection. A dear friend reminded me it was the year of the snake, a snake sheds many skins and I am shedding off versions of my insecure, frightened, and former self to embrace the braver and brand new kind of free version of me. My life may not have turned out how I imagined it, but it’s so much better than I could’ve ever dreamed (even with the hurts and struggles). Sometimes I used to wonder why things didn’t work out with someone or why I didn’t get a job/position/internship I applied for, but I believe in the Creator’s plan. I believe in destiny. The bigger your problems, the bigger your destiny. I have faith. This life so far, this year getting to travel/read/perform and speak in Chicago, NYC, Boston, Canada, Stanford, the TED talk, and later this year in Nevada in front of all of the state tribes..none of it would have been possible if any of those other things had worked out when and how I wanted them to. Yesterday, I received some news, Monday I’ll let everyone know, but Bam Freaking Sunshine I am happy Girl-On-Fire status right about now! I may not follow a ‘normal’ life of whats expected by women by age, I’m not married, I have no kids of my own (and Lord knows I’m not ready for that yet)  But I have a 103 high school kiddos who I love and would do anything for. I have even more CUUB kiddos in college and all around the country being good moms, dads, students, and more…  I have the support of my home, family, Native communities, a poet/writer/artist/educator family, a Stanford fam, and a CUUB fam. Because of all that I probably have a couch in every state I could crash on if needed. This is not because I’m popular or anything like that, whatever the heck that means, but because I surround myself with other people who believe in love, light, who do good work and give back the gifts they’ve been given. Light recognizes light, real recognizes real. I have support. I am loved.

And so are you Dear Reader. You are loved. You are light. You are real. Do what makes you happy, what feeds your spirit, and if anything, this year, shed the former versions of yourself that are holding you back. Love more. Dance more. Be brave.



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