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Tanaya believes in letting your heartwork lead you. She believes that everyone has a gift they’ve been placed on this earth to share and a fire they’re meant to ignite to help heal the world. Her specialties include: youth & women empowerment, healing trauma through art, creative writing workshops, and mental wellness advocacy.

About Tanaya


Tanaya Winder is an author, singer / songwriter, poet, motivational speaker and educator who comes from an intertribal lineage of Southern Ute, Pyramid Lake Paiute, Diné and Duckwater Shoshone Nations where she is an enrolled citizen. Her heritage also includes African American. Tanaya’s performances and talks emphasize the importance of “heartwork” – the life path one is meant to follow by using his/her/their gifts and passions. She blends storytelling, singing, and spoken word to teach about different expressions of love (self love, intimate love, social love, community love, and universal love). For 10 years, she served as the Director of the University of Colorado Boulder’s Upward Bound program; during her time there she served hundreds of Indigenous youth. She also co-founded Sing Our Rivers Red’s MMIW earring exhibit and Dream Warriors, an Indigenous artist collective. She is a published author who travels sharing her music, poetry, and writing/empowerment workshops.

Services Offered

Empowerment Workshops

Workshops range from spoken word, poetry writing, and creative writing to reframing goals through a lens of love and positivity. Topics include: taking calculated risks, taking control of your narrative, proceeding with conviction, writing to heal, finding your fire, and the healing of heartwork.


Looking for a spoken word or acoustic guitar performance? You won’t be disappointed in the heart, passion, and healing you will receive as Tanaya weaves storytelling & resilience into each of her performances. Whether virtual or in-person, you’re certain to leave filling inspired!

Motivational Speaking

Each of you were born with a gift and a purpose. You are meant to shine brightly during your time on this earth. Tanaya’s talks & keynotes are sure to inspire you to light your fire and find your heartwork. Topics range from overcoming obstacles to the importance of mental wellness in living a w(hole) life where are wounds do not define us and you can turn your pain into power.


What People Say

Radiates an indigenous energy bringing the stories of the past into the light of the future.

Workshop Attendee

Ancestors chose you [Tanaya] to be a storyteller through many indigenous lenses. You wake us up, girl

Performance & Keynote Attendee


Recent Publications & New Music


    Tanaya’s work as an independent artist is primarily funded by her speaking events, performances, and merchandise sales. You can donate via PayPal or through Patreon.