Since 2007, Tanaya has been consistently working with Indigenous communities and their youth. In her years of experience she has gained many lessons on how to address healing and empowerment for Indigenous people using storytelling, poetry, spoken word, and music. 

She can speak on a variety of subjects and offers workshops on w(riting) to remember, harnessing your heartwork, and igniting healing through art. 

Given her work at a predominantly white institute (PWI) since 2009, she is also able to provide trainings on cultural responsiveness, transitioning to college, adapting and overcoming challenges, social/emotional support in college, and breaking down cultural barriers in post-secondary spaces. 

As the founder of Dream Warriors management and as the manager of several Indigenous artists, Tanaya can also advise you or offer consultant services on advancing your artist career without compromising your integrity as an Indigenous person. 

Finally, having planned several artist tours and summer academic institutes, Tanaya can offer event planning, curriculum development, and child protection policies insight for your school, organization, non-profit, or business. 

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