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“Beautifully crafted, woven with grace, “Words like love” takes its place among the voices of Chystos, Janet Marie Rogers, and Joy Harjo. Mahsi cho, Tanaya Winder. Your voice is astonishing.” — Richard Van Camp, author of The Lesser Blessed and Godless but Loyal to Heaven

“Tanaya Winder’s work offers us a profound knowing–that art cures; that the censured and frozen words of love can be born anew in the warm waters of our open mouth–from bathroom stall graffiti to the classroom poetics of “Patrick.” I am already changed by this collection: in its keen intelligence, its vast empathy, and in the courageous specificity of each and every remembered wounding. Gracias, hermana-hija-poeta.”–Cherríe Moraga, playwright, poet, and author of A Xicana Codex of Changing Consciousness

“These poems are a love song for a generation, for those who do everything they can to stand with dignity despite the insults, for those who have died tragically because they could not carry what these poems are carrying. Within these poems is the grief of losing a country, a family, a lover. The poet is a beautiful straggler of history who through poetry has learned how to fly.”–Joy Harjo, Mvskoke/Creek poet, musician, performer and author of Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings

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“Ruthless with truth and sonic boomed with radiance, Tanaya Winder is sweet soul medicine.” –Richard Van Camp, author of The Lesser Blessed and The Moon of Letting Go .

In “Why Storms are named after People but Bullets remain nameless,” we find Tanaya Winder in the thick of a beautiful burn, where “pain demands to be felt,”where joy or maybe something more decolonial than it bubbles up from the black hole of the past. Winder aims a sociological eye at the gun, the bullet, and the throttle so that we might together constellate differently. “like any good indian woman” is one of my favourite poems to date!” –Billy-Ray Belcourt, author of This Wound Is a World .

Why Storms are Named After People…’ is a book for dreamers and survivors. Every verse of Winder’s brings us out of the past and into the possibility and hope of the future.” –Skyler Reed — Editor, Moved By Words

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