Radiates an indigenous energy bringing the stories of the past into the light of the future.

– Rata Hickey

Ancestors chose you to be a storyteller through many indigenous lenses. You wake us up, girl

– Sherri Willeto

Phenomenal! Her poetry and singing was amazing. I always look forward to her performances.

– Dedra White

A voice blessed by creator.

– Clara Natonabah

Inspiring and made me want to be a better teacher.

– Ricki Ginsberg

Strong conscious voice, compelling storyteller with words that touch the soul.

– Uma Ramanathan

Shares her beautiful spirit thru her work and easily connects with participants of all ages. She’s an amazing Indigenous woman. Thank you for sharing your light with our communities, Tanaya!

– Ashley Tiedeman

The FPF workshop you presented helped me gather my thoughts to re-do my website. You gave clear, concise advice that was easy to apply to my work.

– Cynthia Masterson

Delivers her performance with passion, confidence, and healing. Teaches with patients, throughout workshops, that will both help the participants to learn elements of poetry, and healing.

– Rowie Shebala

Fierce & wise & wonderful.

– Jenn Givhan

Compassionate, Inspiring, with lived experience.

– Elton Naswood

Powerful and eloquent speaker.

– Sara Jo Barnett-Nsakashalo

Engaging storyteller who inspires people of all ages to be their best.

– Kiara Lee

Speaks truth with a touch of poignant resilience.

– Rosetta Walker

Speaks with intelligence, passion, and humility.

– Raymond Valdez

An authentic speaker that connects with her audiences.

– Kenny St. Pierre

A bold and ambitious speaker with strength in her voice.

– Gabriel Quinn Cummings

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